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is it ok for guys… | Lynx

Guys are searching online what it means to be a man. Search and see for yourself. Join the conversation with #isitokforguys Find out more at http://lynxformen.com/uk/is-it-ok-for-guys.html?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=isitokforguys&utm_campaign=ALWAYS_ON_Non_Search_CN000631_LV5_CH2215_BH0977_GB&utm_term=anthem&utm_content=desc If you need help or feel like you can’t be yourself go to http://ditchthelabel.org/is-it-ok-for-guys/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=isitokforguys&utm_term=anthem&utm_content=link

is it ok for guys to do yoga? | Anthony Joshua

This is a real question guys are asking Google. And as a LYNX Ambassador, I want to tell them that it’s ok to do yoga, baseball, horse dressage or water polo. What do you think?


is it ok for guys to cook? | Wiley

Guys are searching if it’s ok to cook. And as a LYNX Ambassador, I want them know that they can make whatever they want. Whether it’s roast dinner or good old spag bol. What do you think?

is it ok for guys to experiment with other guys? | Josh Franceschi

Guys are searching what it means to be a man. And as a LYNX Ambassador, I just want to tell them to be whoever they damn well want. Because experimenting with other guys doesn’t make you any less of a man. What do you think?

Lynx, UK’s male grooming brand*, is today launching #isitokforguys, a Google search-driven campaign that reveals how guys are searching online for answers to the questions they can’t face asking out loud. From “is it ok for guys to cry” to “is it ok for guys to have long hair”, the data shows the insecurities that guys are turning to Google to answer.

 #isitokforguys aims to help liberate men from cultural pressures and labels that tell them what it means ‘to be a man’, with a series of films and interviews that answer the most searched questions on Google. Featuring boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, godfather of grime Wiley, BAFTA Rising Star winner Will Poulter and some of the UK’s leading male YouTubers – from today, these films will become visible to men typing these questions into Google.

Rik Strubel, Lynx Global Vice President, at Unilever said, “We want guys to see there’s no holds barred on what men can or cannot be. We need to help more men by tackling toxic masculinity, head on. Our aim is to create an inclusive society where everyone – men and women – can be who they want to be. Data showed us what real guys around the world are asking Google about their own insecurities, so we put forward real guys with real answers. We want to tell guys that there’s no rules around how they should look, act or feel – they should be open and proud to be themselves.”

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